Monday, December 8, 2014

Feeling stressed? Do these things...

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worn-out, or all of the above? You are not alone! Life can be a roller coaster.
(1) Communication.—this is the most important. Figure out who you can talk to when you need it, and talk to that person. Try to make a list of people who you can count on to help you with those tough times. Communication with your supervisor is also important; let them know what is going on and how you feel about it. 
(2) Blow off some steam.  Work out. Find something you like to do. Some examples include: playing a sport, reading, running, listening to music, cooking, etc.—something that takes your mind off of the problem.
(3) Start a project. Whether it be at work or outside of work, find something to keep you busy. Make that project one of your main focuses so it further helps you feel like you are doing something valuable. 
(4) Adjust your attitude. Your attitude toward something has a great effect on your emotional and physical well-being. If you think positively about what is causing your stress, it will likely change how you feel emotionally and physically. Here are six strategies to manage your stress:
#1: Avoid unnecessary stress                 #2: Alter the situation                          #3: Adapt to the stressor
Learn how to say “no.”                     Express feelings instead of bottling them up.            Reframe problems.
Avoid people who stress you out.                Be willing to compromise.                             Look at the big picture.
Take control of your environment.                     Be more assertive.                                    Adjust your standards.
Shorten your to-do list.                                   Manage your time better.                               Focus on the positive.
#4: Accept things you can’t change  #5: Make time for fun & relaxation    #6: Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Do not try to control the uncontrollable.             Set aside relaxation time.                           Exercise regularly.
Look for the upside.                                                    Connect with others.                                 Eat a healthy diet.
Share your feelings.                                              Do something you enjoy every day.          Reduce caffeine & sugar.
Learn to forgive.                                                       Keep your sense of humor.                          Get enough sleep.

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