Monday, October 13, 2014

Feeling small...

Someone I respect has "corrected" me at least twice in front of others and has sounded very rude, cold and curt.  Ouch.  I know that my personality is one who woos (StrengthsFinder).  I like people to like me.  Logically I know that not everyone will like me.  This is fine.  It is.  Really.  However, when I am getting talked to like I am five years old and questioned about why or how I did something that I was asked to do and am just trying to do a good job and be helpful...that hurts.

Maybe it is peri-menopause on her part...and mine.  I know I was premenstrual the second time she went off on me.  Hormones - Gah!  But at this point, I don't respect her and want to stay away from her.  She is scary and I don't want to be put down and treated like I'm stoopid.

So I will come in, do what I have to do at my desk (which is now right in the front office with all the comings and goings of the school) and then go work with the students.  I will keep to myself and not share much of me.

So...when someone is like this to me:

I feel like this to them:

and this just made me laugh:

Here is a like to a blog I like:  Marc and Angel Hack Life 27 things you tolerate-too-often/