Thursday, November 15, 2012

Someone doesn't like me...and that is okay.

I made the librarian at our school mad at me at the beginning of school.  I can understand her reasons.  She was very unwilling to bend on an issue and told me "No" like I was a two year old.  That is fine.  Apparently I have upset her world again.  Maybe I am just that one person that she talks to in a mean voice and everyone else she is nice to.  Or maybe she is irritated by everyone.  But today she sprinkled her displeasure on me.  I took it well.  Actually, I almost started to laugh.  But I looked at her very seriously and told her that I understood what she was saying.  I think I will stay out of her way for a very long time.  She will still be displeased with me.  Oh, well.  Maybe she is constipated...

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