Friday, November 16, 2012


Our cat, Doug, love to go outside.  He has an adventurous soul.  A couple of weeks ago Kelly was working from home.  He let Doug go outside.  Later, Kelly looked out the window and saw Doug in the walnut tree.  Doug kept trying to figure out how to get down, but couldn't.  Later, Kelly got out the ladder, climbed up and tried to pull Doug out of the tree.  Tiny claws hanging onto the tree did not allow this to happen.  Finally, Kelly told Doug to climb onto Kelly's back.  Doug did and hung on most of the way down the ladder.

Days later....Kelly calling for Doug to come in.  No Doug.  Kelly walked around the yard and could hear a mournful meowing.  This time Doug was up in the pine tree.  Ladder, Kelly, Doug down.  Yeah!

Tonight:  Time for Doug to come in.  Haven't seen Doug in a while.  Kelly walked around looking up in all the trees.  No Doug.  Meowing.  Doug on our neighbor's ROOF.  Kelly told him he would have to get down by himself.  I went out to see if I could coax him down.  Couldn't see or hear him.  Picturing him lying on the ground, wounded from leaping off the roof.  We walked to our neighbor's front lawn and here comes Doug -  "Look what I can do.  Did you see me up there?  And I got down ALL by myself."

He is such a freak.

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