Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dara's Birthday

Today Dara is 11 years old. It is hard to believe that she is so grown up and going in to 5th grade. School starts on Tuesday and she is very excited. She will be at the middle school. No more babies in elementary school.

Dara is so smart and beautiful. She is kind and funny. She cannot keep her room clean. She is one of the most polite and helpful children I have ever met. She is almost as tall as me.

Happy Birthday my dear Dara.

I am peeved because someone took the Nursery bubble machine and the big container of bubbles into another room and used ALL of the bubbles and ran the machine for so long the batteries are almost pooped out. Very rude. Stay out of MY nursery cabinet, you... you...rude little bubble stealers. Those are MY nursery kids' toys, snacks and bubbles. Don't touch what isn't yours. And if you do touch things, PUT THEM BACK!!!

Okay, I feel a bit better.

Except I have a 15 year old that is for sale.


Jewels said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dara! Eleven?! When did that happen?! I watch a little girl named Lucy that is starting to remind me of Dara when she was little. She is almost a year and a half and is talks, she likes saying thank you mom and here ya go mom. Sorry about your bubbles. I'll pray that they make there way back home.

Jewels said...

Correction: She is starting to talk.