Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Mormon Ad

I am a mother of two children. One husband. I volunteer a lot. I knit. I enjoy some shows on TV. None of them Reality TV. I am not Republican. I sometimes yell at my kids. I like to drink iced tea. I have friends of all religion, color and sexual persuasion. I am a Mormon.

Thomas Lucy of St. Paul said it best:

"As a self-proclaimed liberal, I was ecstatic as I began to read the coverage of the rally. Finally, Beck and I agree on something! Reportedly, he said the American has "turned back to God." I couldn't agree more. I mean we are finally moving toward making sure all of God's children receive health care, we are beginning to work on healing the planet God gave us and we are moving toward accepting all of God's children regardless of sexual orientation.

Wait, that isn't what Beck was talking about? My mistake. I guess we don't agree yet."

I also enjoyed this article WWGOPD? Especially the last line of the article, "Nothing will get done--unless they have a secret, workable plan they'll reveal after the election."


Erin said...

Seriously. There are radio ads too! I heard one today. You would not even have to put makeup or clothes on-you could do you ad "naked???"...Think about it. I will call some stations if you are interested :)

debra said...

OMG, I couldn't agree with you more. LOL :*)

I believe the Devil is in the Brewing of the tea for the party... dont you?