Monday, February 2, 2015


In October, my husband quit his job.  No, we had not won the lottery.  He had a manager who was born of Satan.  NOT Santa!  SATAN!

Mean, belittling, changing the goals, hovering, asshole.  My husband looked like he was going to have a stroke when he told me he needed to quit.  A couple of weeks after he quit, he did find out that he had a blood clot.  This was when we did not have insurance.  We finally got insurance through MNSure.  Thank goodness!  He was out of work for three months.  He now works for the same company that brought us to Minnesota, but in a different department.  And he LOVES his job.  He likes the people he works with and enjoys going to work.

This is my last year as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow.  I have learned a lot from doing this service.  I am now in the process of trying to create a position as a Check & Connect Mentor at the school.  I had had to come up with all the reasons I am needed.  It has been strange to do this because, as humans, we are usually putting ourselves down.  I need to meet with the principal and sell myself and see if he and the District think my work is worth the cost.  I will also be taking some classes to get certified or get a degree.  The last time I was in college was 1987.  I know that old people go back to school, but it is a bit scary to think about.

Winter has not been great.  If it is going to be Winter, at least snow more than 4 inches.  Weird.

Tonight at the homework program after school, I felt like I was being pecked to death by baby ducks.

Kids talking over one another, asking stupid questions (not about homework) and saying over and over, "Mrs. Amott, Mrs. Amott, Mrs. Amott."  Sometimes if you say "Mrs. Amott" with a whiny voice, it can sound like a swear word.  Well, my name does rhyme with a swear word.

Life is good.  Always an adventure.

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Jewels said...

Having jobs are hard, not having a job is hard, finding a job is hard, I am so glad Kelly was able to get out of that hard job and into a really great one. I bet his health and his sanity has improved much. Good luck with going back to school and all that, it sounds scary to me too.