Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Oh, I have tried so hard to be patient with students.  Some students I really care about and want them to succeed.  Other students....hmmmm.  I want them to suck seed.

Two manipulative, lying little ***tards became friends and made one person's life hell.   Their parents are the type that say, "Oh, not my sweet, wonderful son.  He would never lie to my face."  REALLY?  So their bad behavior is always someone else's fault.  Great parenting.

I truly thought I was done with working with these two last year when they lied about me, but no.  They show up again and again.  They are told the rules and they stomp on them and smile while they do it.  When the rules are enforced, they go cry to mommy and lie.  Mommy confronts this imperfect person, who is doing service at a school from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. working with students for less than $5.00 per hour, and  states that she is mad at the rule maker and is going to talk to administration.  I asked her if she was going to tell them that her son can't follow the rules.  I didn't get a response from her.

So, do I....

1.  Resign my service position and never work with students again?

2.  Kick mommy's ass in a meeting with principal and assistant principal?

3.  Not have rules in the homework program that I run and have to be in control of?
      The rules are:  Work on homework or missing assignments, Do not be disruptive to other students,
      respect adults and students in homework program, Do not lie.

4.  Bow down to Ms. Bitchy McBitcherson and let her ass-wipe of a son walk all over me? (I really do love students, but not all.)

5.  Try not to be so snarky and angry?  Well, this is my place to be just those two things.

6.  Do I let other students, who try to walk all over everyone else, take over and let chaos rule supreme?

7.  Tell my principal, assistant principal and supervisor what happened (without crying) and let mom vent at me and tell me that I am a horrible person and change who I am until the end of the school year and not reapply for this position again?

This has been a great month - really - and it has been a hard month.  I have been doing really well in my position at school, keeping up with my student tracking and seeing my Check & Connect students and connecting with them in great ways.  I spent my 25th wedding anniversary with the love of my life.  But there have been volatile and caustic people who have come into my life this past month.  Am I being tested for something worse?  Am I just a really shitty person who only thinks I am doing good, but in reality am just a bitch who doesn't care about anyone?

There are so many students that I will miss.  I love helping them with their lockers when they can't get them open.  I love helping them with problems, smiling at them, laughing with them.  There are students on my focus list that I meet with at least two times a week.   And there are students who are in my life because they are in the classes I go to and they know they can ask for help.  Sometimes I am just a little support if they are having a bad day.  There are so many teachers I enjoy assisting.  They are amazing.

I know I am not sugary sweet.  I never set out to be that.  But I know that students know that I care about them.

Maybe I should get a lobotomy and never care about anything ever again.  When I was young, a lady down the street from my house had a lobotomy.  She didn't care if her slip was showing below her skirt or if her hair was funky.  Hmmm....I wonder if my insurance will cover that?

I really abhor rude, mean people.

Should I up my happy pill dosage?  If I resign my position and stay home, I can have a clean house again.

I'm trying to be like Jesus....but I am not I just need to do my best and get through tomorrow with a smile on my face and try not to cry.   I am told that I do so much good with these kids.  Am I going to let some troubled students ruin my life?  Am I going to give them that much power?

I think Ms. Bitchy McBitcherson should have to come to school all day with her son and see what he is really like compared to other students.  Learn her a lesson.

Bless their hearts.


Jewels said...

I think you should stick to your guns. She is definitely doing her son a great disservice. I don't think you should quit, those kids need you in their life, they may not realize it yet, but they will. And Happy Anniversary!

melody Rose said...
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