Friday, May 24, 2013


I have met adults who are very self-righteous and give me the creeps.  I want to run away from them.  Sometimes I do.  With my hands in the air.  Screaming.  (In my mind.)

There is a student in 6th grade whose mom is very self-righteous.  She loves to tell people she is Christian.  She is the expert on Mormons at her church because she knows some.  Her son is so self-righteous that sometimes when I say hi and smile at him, I actually want to punch him in the throat.  But I won't.  Because that is mean.

My posts have been a bit....snarky.  I really do have loads of lovely people and am grateful for so many things.  But sometimes I just have to let the snarky out.  The Snarky Demon.  The Snarky Wood Nymph.  I like that better since I look like a wood nymph.

But a Pickle Fairy is cute also.

These were just kind of creepy and funny.

And that is how I feeling at this moment.  Funny and Creepy.

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