Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why can't people just...not be so judgmental?

This is what I posted on FB recently about "The Book of Mormon" Musical coming to Minneapolis in Feb, 2013:

I am going to attend this musical. I am sending this out to anyone who wants to attend with me. We can pick a night and go. I want the cheap seats. This would be my first Broadway musical. I don't want to hear any naysayers tell me things about the musical unless you have SEEN it. And even then....don't. I have read the reviews and I have read articles FROM MORMONS who loved it.

Let me know if you want to go.

These were the responses:


I'll go. I love Musicals...any musical!

I think it looks kinda funny. I'd see it.

Wish I could go w/ you!

Your going to hell! With your tea!!  (This is from Bowdrie Price, one of our missionaries who lived in our basement.  He is joking.  I promise.)

 I want to go! I need advance warning and yes, the cheapest seats in the house! I can pay you cash if you order them, include fees, too. Let me know as soon as you pick a day... And don't ever forget- you are my favorite Mormon! love ya!

 I want to go!

Wish I were closer, I would go with you!  (This woman is one of THE best Mormons I know)

Lisa! I would like to see this also! let me know a date that works :) And the cheap seats are in my budget!!

I heard its really funny. I'll see if I can do the dates.

Okay --- great responses.  Then I get this one:

While I think there is always a little couriosity regarding why something is such a "Hit" on Broadway....It does make me uneasy when we support things that disregard the good that the church does and accomplishes. It seems to be counter productive. My suggestion...find a wholesome way to spend the evening together sharing talents, building up and serving others (all things that the all those I know on this string are well known for).

So I responded:

Thank you. That is a nice idea. BUT I specifically asked for no naysayers. I know what the reviews have said, I have heard church members state their opinions. I want to have an opinion of my own on this. I have never been to a Broadway show and this is the one I want to see.

Now this is me being outraged on my blog - these are my opinions:

Wow.  Throwing down the guilt trip.  Well, I am going to throw down this:  I am a paid volunteer at the middle school full time.  I get about $5.00 per hour.  I work with kids.  I volunteer with my family at Good Samaritan Care Center once a month playing Bingo.  I am  a member of a women's community service group and we do service once a month.  I have a church calling as....GASP!!! The Compassionate Service Leader!  I am on the HERO's Coalition, a group that wants to help our students stop using tobacco, drugs and other alcohol and to eliminate bullying.  I am going to help at least 4 ladies learn to knit.  And I am a damn caring individual who is trying to build up the kingdom of God with all my imperfectness and flaws and wonderfulness.  So don't give me the guilt trip.  I can guilt myself better than anyone and you are not my judge.  Guess what?  Sometimes I watch R rated shows and read books that might have sex and swear words in them.  And sometimes I drink...ICED TEA and GREEN TEA and BLACK TEA!!!  Oh, NO!!!  And really, this guy is not someone that I hang with or share my deepest, darkest secrets with.  I have never had him over to dinner.  GAAAAHHHHH!!!

Okay. I am drained now.  

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