Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am so old

Dara wanted to go to the mall yesterday.  Okay.  But there are rules that Dara has for going out into public with her parents.  Rules like, "No talking to the sales people."  I gave birth to this child, wiped her behind for a couple of years and she won't let me in the dressing room to see what the clothes look like she is trying on. And she gets a bit stressed in the situations where she thinks people are looking at her.  People like sales people.

To the mall we go.  To the store Dara wants to go into we go.  And the first thing I see is this very handsome young man.  Then I think, "He is probably 17! I am in my 40's!  It is wrong for me to be seeing this guy and thinking he is good looking.  If I was a teenager I could linger, but not as a mom.  NOT AS A MOM!!!!!"

This is the picture that is right in the front of the store.  There are also lots of signs that say, "Clothing Optional Beyond This Point."  Were there really sexy stores in the 80's?  I remember looking at GQ Magazine and drooling a bit.  But the models were older than me.  I have to finish this post because the nice young man below keeps looking at me!

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