Monday, October 17, 2011

Pictures of Summer and Utah

This was our parking strip....weeds and crappy dirt.

This is Brannon helping me dig out the weeds and chop up the dirt clods.

This is another part of my garden.  It will keep growing and expanding.

Dara dressed up Doug in this baby dress.  He would not move for a while.  When he finally did move, he slunk around.
This is Smudge. He was a kitten that we were cat sitting for a couple of weeks. We are either stoopid or nice. He was a very kitten.

Dara in Utah at Temple Square.

Quail.  I have not seen quail in Minnesota.  I miss them and their tiny turd babies running around in the Spring.

The Salt Lake Temple

A statue of Christ.

Snowbird pictures...

Dara and Sierra

My dad, Papa Nile.

My mom, Grandma Susan


Dara and Natalie

Sloan, the the back, Grandma Susan holding Quinn at Quinn's baby blessing and Bailey's baptism party

Sloan and Dara

Steve and Sloan

Sloan's cool tattoo

Bailey, who got baptized.

Steve, Ruth, Quinn, Bailey and Sloan

P.S.  Utah, if you think it is humid, come to Minnesota where you can walk outside in really wrinkly clothes and wait two minutes and have non-wrinkly clothes.  Where you can just stand for one minute and be dripping sweat...while doing nothing.  That is humid.  While in Utah I only was sweaty one day.  I was not even glistening the other 13 days.

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