Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I started a job....kind of a real job.  I am the AmeriCorp Promise Fellow at the middle school in town.  (I am basically a paid volunteer.)  I have my own office and I am getting organized and attempting to get my calendar figured out so I will know when I can help kids with homework and anything else that comes up.

Brannon and Dara came by after school to see my office.  I think they were pretty impressed with their mom.

It is getting chilly, but no snow or rain yet.  But Winter is COMING!!!!!!  My body and brain are not quite ready for the cold.  But all my winter clothing is out and on hangers or on their shelves.

Kelly has been working from home for the past couple of days and Doug (the cat) snuggles with him and purrs and loves him.  When I was home with him everyday all he wanted to do was chase me around the house...Doug, not Kelly.

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