Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Elders are leaving

Elder Price is on his way home to Idaho tomorrow.  It was sad to say goodbye.  He is like one of the family.  One of my children...who makes me laugh and also makes me want to strangle him.  Elder Waite is heading up to Thunder Bay in Canada.  We will miss him also.  We have enjoyed having both of them in our home.    He is not excited to leave here because he hears there are a lot of drunken Native Americans there. 

Elders Waite and Simpson got back from "creepy Watertown.  We were by the cemetery and Elder Simpson would not even get out to 'back me up.'  It was really dark and there was a dead deer by the side of the road and its eyes were glowing, a cat that looked like a lion and a dog.  We were driving in circles downtown."  Oh the life of a missionary.

So we have Elder Simpson and will get a brand new greenie.  I wonder what we will do to creep him out...I mean, greet him.

The snow is starting to melt because it is in the 40s during the day.  HOT.

I have had a small form of bronchitis.  NOT FUN.

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