Thursday, January 27, 2011

Volunteering is NOT about getting paid

Volunteering and doing service is NOT about getting paid.  Getting paid with money or food is nice, but not necessary.  So I just have to send out a big raspberry to all those people who will not join a PTO or volunteer at a book fair during the day because it is not a PTO function.  It is the service itself that matters.  Helping someone else and brightening their day will help you brighten yours.

So to all those Parkside Elementary School parents in Murray, Utah....Wow!  You are great.  You volunteer.  You do service at the school for all the kids.  Helping at Parkside makes Parkside a better school.  I just wish some parents in Waconia, MN would get that.

Did I volunteer?  Yes and I am going back again tomorrow.  Toot Toot.  Okay, so tooting my own horn is not humble.  I try not to do it all the time.  But if it get someone feeling guilty about not helping out then I will toot away.

I need to call my mother.  I am not being a good daughter.

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