Monday, November 9, 2009


Kelly got to go to the Minnesota Vikings practice arena on Friday. He got his picture taken in front of Brett Favre's locker and got to throw their official practice balls around. There were two speakers who were really good. One of them is a member of our church. He also works for the Vikings. The other is another coach. Totally Awesome!!

Our weather is very Octoberish. Love it!!! But because it has warmed up we have box elder bugs and japanese beetles everywhere. They are attempting to come in the house and take over. It is like a scary movie.

My friend who tried to commit suicide is doing okay. She got to go home on Friday from her safe house. I just hope her daughter recovers from this.


Jewels said...

Wow, that would be awesome. Will the weather be Novemberish in December? I hope your friend realizes what is important in her life so that she and her daughter can fully recover.

Betensons said...

I am so jealous. Someday I really want to go to a NFL game. I love football. We have also been taken over ny box elder bugs. They get everywhere. I miss seeing you guys.