Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Left Elders

Because I am the owner of the house the Elder's live in, I can drive them places without anyone else being in the car. I am like their mother.

The other set of Elders live with a family also and the same rule applies to them. They can be in the house with only the "mother" home, etc.

Today I drove my Elders over to pick up the other Elders to go to District Meeting. I was following them so they could drive to another town, drop their car off and then I would drive them on to their meeting. One of the other Elders is the District Leader. The meeting was to be held 40 minutes away from Waconia at 10:30.

We left Waconia at 9:30. Got to other Elders' home at 9:50. Waited for one Elder for over 20 minutes. I called his companion after we had been there about ten minutes. I gave them 5 minutes to be outside. After the 5 minutes, I went into the house and told them we were leaving right then.

I walked outside, counted to 20 REALLY slow, told my Elders to put their car keys in their car, get in my car and that we were leaving. We did. We drove away.

After about 10 minutes, the phone rang and other Elder was asking who was in the car with my Elders. He was getting upset because my Elders MAY have been in a car illegally with a woman. OOOOH.

Without making our scheduled stop in the other town to drop the car off, I got my Elders to the meeting spot exactly at 10:30.

Was I wrong to leave the hokie pokie Elders? Actually, it is just one of them. He takes longer than I do getting ready. Apparently, this one Elder is ALWAYS an hour behind. The other Elders are always waiting for him.

Stoopid story. Just had to get it off my brain. I may just be a stay at home mom, but I do have a life and it is not waiting around for pokies.

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Cherran said...

hey, it is an appropriate love and logic consequence. Sorry but none of the elders are two old or special to learn manners!! And you can quote me!! you are being a great mom!!!