Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When Brannon was little we told him that the ice cream man was bad. I told him that I wanted to throw rocks at the ice cream man. So...whenever Bran would hear that mind-splintering music, he would run into the house to let me know that the "bad man" was here and one day he actually threw rocks (pebbles) at the ice cream mobile.

I think that most (notice, I did not say "all") ice cream truck drivers are either drug dealers or pedophiles. One of my previous neighbors drove an ice cream truck AND sold drugs. I am also think that only pedophiles could drive around listening to that ear-cramping music all day long.

So, if there are any normal ice cream truck drivers out there, I would like to hear from you. Well, not really. And what is "normal" anyway?


Anners said...

I swear they are the biggest tease in the world. You can hear their music and my kids go bonkers scrounging up money and then we go canvasing the neighborhood to find him (which we never do). The only time we actually see him is when I have no money to buy ice cream. I agree, the ice cream trucks are just plain tormenting and evil.

p.s. I'm done with school for the summer! Can you say deep exhale and FREEDOM!!!!!

Clean & Safe Ice Cream Man said...

I just like the chill of the ice cream truck. That's all.

Jamie said...

we must be on the same wavelength because I totally think the I.C.M. is evil too. I should teach my kids to throw rocks at him!

Dana said...

LOL, Russ had a fit when I wanted to let Alyssa get ice cream from our ice cream man 10 years ago, they are most definitely almost all dealers.