Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coots, Kids and other creatures in our world

These are coots. I found these weird few. They are not ducks and, therefore, do not have webbed feet. They do have large lobed toes.

And then all these Coots showed up.

This is Lake Waconia as it is thawing.

Just a really cool rock in my front yard.

Steve the Squirrel and Little, one of our cats, having a face-off. This was the first time that Little had seen Steve without a window between them.

Brannon got a new helmet. He wore it everywhere we went that the car, stores, home. However, he has a friend who tells Brannon that he is embarrassing to be with wearing a helmet. I want to say that that friend, "You are a hot dog without a bun!" So Brannon has not been wearing his helmet like he should. Kids! (sigh)

Bran's guitar. He loves it so much he would marry it if he could. But that is against the law in Minnesota.

Dara went to a birthday party and came home with wild hair.

Our fire pit. This was back in March. Wow, two really boring sentences.

Bob the Bunny. He is just one of 2 million.

I think these are Downy Woodpeckers.

The little yellow specks are Gold Finches. The males are SO yellow.

The gray bird sitting on the right feeder is called a Cat Bird. Apparently, they are elusive, but the couple that come to our yard are not shy.

Cedar Waxwings came and visited for two days. Then they were gone. Very beautiful birds.

Squatty Body Robin.

Steve the Squirrel trying out his acrobatics.

Dara at a happy moment. We seem to be having more menopausal moments with her. But worse ones with Brannon. He is REALLY menopausal.

Dara helped her dad put up this wall. Seriously, she did. She and Kelly are great friends and she likes to help. She is also turning into a cook and baker.

I painted the door and still have not painted the window trim. I really like bright colors. Our house needs love and brightness. The first time I painted the door it was yellow and green...much too bright!

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Tim and Kathryn said...

I love the picture of Dara's hair after the sleepover! My mom almost banned me from sleepovers because we all know you don't really sleep at them so I would always come home tired and grumpy! But there are so fun!