Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Info on song and cold

The song below is by the Raveonettes, The Christmas Song.

Okay, yesterday the boogers froze. You know, you walk outside and the inside of your nostrils starts to contract and just freeze. They froze again this morning, but this afternoon is not so bad. It is a balmy 6 degrees. However, the sun is shining. The snow is beautiful...all sparkly in the sun.


I also am not liking peri-menopause...the nightsweats and the hot flashes. And just being ornery for no reason.

I am loving my husband and my children.

I just read my cute sister's blog. She was also a tortured soul in jr. high. My worst memory of jr. high: 7th grade...I am sitting in math class. The girl next to me is writing her friend a note. I look over at it and read, "I am in math and I sit next to the ugliest girl." I glance over to the other side of the note-writing girl and...there is a boy sitting next to her. I am the only girl sitting next to her. Ouch.

Other lovely memories: permed hair, braces, glasses. I went around one day with my zipper down on my pants and no one told me. Now I tell people if their zipper is down.

How is it that we survive jr. high? If God said to me that I would have to spend a gajillion years in Hell or re-live seventh grade again....I would pick Hell.


Matilda said...

I'm with you... hated Jr High. Isn't it nice we are so amazing now?! :)

6 degrees should be illegal. Love frozen buggers. We had a girl in early morning semiary, who lived by the church, and would walk. Most days, her hair was icicles by the time she got there.

And I've been trying to figure out, why my skin is so dry, when im surrounded by moisture, albeit frozen, but still...

Anners said...

Junior High is brutal! I spent the day with my mom today & she shared that it was surprising I turned out attractive due to how "awkward" I was in jr. high. It surprised her. She said "you were like the ugly butterfly" - I think she meant that I turned into a butterfly (I hope). Anyway, my point is that we thankfully evolve past that age into something better (or at least more graceful). Those are physically and psychologically painful and weird years.

Dana said...

I'd pick hell too, my best friend was over here today and we were just exchanging 7th grade hell stories, LOL.
I could write a whole blog just on crappy days in jr. high.