Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Birds

I went over the Fire Station to volunteer. As I was walking away from my house, a very large, very loud raven was sitting in the tree in my yard. It was like it was yelling at me. I walked across the street and turned the corner and there was the same raven, cawing at me very loudly from on top of the building. There was only one. But you know, The Birds could have really happened.

Regarding the volunteering: I helped parents in need pick out toys for their children. It felt good to volunteer. There were people there who wouldn't look me in the eyes...embarrassed to be asking for help. One woman I was helping said, "Last year they had a lot more things." Another woman who I met with the missionairies came in and tried to tell the volunteers that she had three kids, one of them a two month old. This woman is in her late 60s. And I know that her "grandchildren" don't live with her.

So, as with anything, there was the good, the bad and the ugly. I did get to snuggle a 2 year old little girl while her mom shopped.

Just a snarky remark and if you don't like snarky then don't read this, however, I just have to get this out of my brain: Usually at church there is the "angel tree" for those less fortunate families in the ward that need some help. Usually, you are giving things that are "needed." Two of the needs on this ward's angel tree was a Wii game and a Lands End Shirt with the color also posted. I am sorry, but I thought that "needy" was, well, needy and I guess I feel that if you have, in the past, purchased a Wii, that you maybe aren't really that needy. But what do I truly know? What is a person in need to some may not be a person in need to others. It's my blog and I can be a bit snarky on it if I want.


Jewels said...

It only takes a few bad apples to make the whole barrel stink. There are some families who will "register" their names at lots of different shelters so that they get more than one Christmas. How bad is that? But then there are some who don't even ask for help. If a Wii game is one of their needs I wonder what some of their wants are?

Jewels said...

Dear Snark,
Welcome to the Republican Party!

Spencer made me do it.