Saturday, December 6, 2008


How can the sun be shining and yet the weather is frigid? No, not frigid. Numbing frigid! Temperature: 10 degrees, with wind chill feels like -1 degree. We knew how to survive Utah cold. This is so different. It is like living in a different place...oh, that's right, we live in a "different" place. What are we doing here? (Actually, I like living here, but I also need to complain.)

There are crazies out on the lake. We have huts on the lake driving their little ATVs out on the lake. I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!

I think I will become a superhero...actually a sidekick like Arthur. I like his battlecry.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Wyoming! Oh, wait. You're in Minnesota. Well, temperature-wise it's the same place! It does take some getting used to. Brrrrr! I don't think I'll ever like being this cold.

Anners said...

I have wondered when you would mention your winter weather. It really is THAT cold, huh? My sympathies - I hate being super cold or super hot - both are miserable. Do you have to plug in your cars at night? What new things do you do to keep warm there vs. Utah?

Laryl said...

And there you have it, the reason my dad moved to sunny New Mexico.
He loved Minnesota, but hated the frigid winters!

Matthew said...

How does a hut drive an ATV? I didn't think their little arms and legs could reach anything.