Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All I can talk about is the cold....

This was a couple of weeks ago....before the snow. It was frigid, though. The wind really likes to blow here. It reminds me of being in Vienna, Austria in December.

This is to show how the lake is starting to freeze over. The geese were either just hanging out around the edges or they were frozen to that spot.

Here is Steve eating the seed block Kelly put out for him, the other Steves and the birds.

Cute little bunny tracks on our patio.

It snowed a little. The lake has frozen over, but not quite enough to walk on.

This is directly across the street from our house. The snow has fallen, but it is really just a "dusting." Our new big picture at the top of the blog is what the lake looks like now. There are a few crazies out there with their fish huts and their ATVs, but I heard it needs to be at least 12 inches deep before they can drive on it with their trucks.

We do not have to plug our cars in at night- we have a garage. But if you don't, I am sure there are battery warmers you can buy. The cold just feels so different here than in Utah. The cities and towns really know how to clear the snow, though. They are right on top of the road early...possibly all night to get them cleared for use. They push the snow into the middle of the street so there are "barriers" of snow and then they come back and take the snow away. I don't know where they take it. Maybe they recycle it.

Kelly did get to use our snowblower on Monday night. It snowed deep enough that he also had to get up on Tuesday morning and snowblow again. Love the snowblower. We never had one in Utah. Just a shovel and not much sidewalk or driveway.

I have been a bit blue these days. Missing family. Knowing that we are starting new traditions is fun, exciting, scary, and sad. But we will do it. We have to. It's life.

"Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift--there is nothing small about it." --Florence Nightingale


Anonymous said...

Your family misses you too. It's hard being away from them on holidays, especially the first Christmas. You will make it, I promise. You can always call me and cry. :)

Betensons said...

The view with the snow looks pretty. It has snowed here and been cold but not as cold as you are. WE miss having you here. There are no wedding bells yet. WE will let you know if anything happens.

Anners said...

I loved your Florence Nightengale quote - "there is nothing small about it"!

I'm sure it is hard to be away (will you ever visit?) but your most important family is there with you and those here love, miss and support you.

Take care. The cold and winter can alter your brain sometimes. Be good to yourself.