Sunday, November 23, 2008


These are Colby, Davis and Jenna Forbush. Colby would come down to our apartment when he was 3 and couldn't peek through the mail slot. We had toys just for Colby. We also learned ALOT about his mom and dad and how sometimes they were naked. Jenna and I are "sisters." I was the first person she ever willingly gave a hug. She is going to be a world famous doctor one day. Davis is 9. He is tall and funny and smart.

This is me is 1978. Looking groovy!

This is me is 1950. Apparently, I have some skin discoloration that was not curable WAY back then. When I see this picture, I think I really look like my mom...but she did not have any discolorations on her face.

Dara and her cousin Nicole Amott

Brannon, Kelly and Dara. I am not sure WHAT is going through Dara's mind, but whatever it is.... Watch out world. She can shoot you with laser beams that come out of her eyes. Scary!!!

Lisa (me) and Dara. This was probably taken in the winter of 2008 before we moved out to MN.


Warren & Taisley Weston said...

miss you crazy cats around here. Was Kelly Jesus for Halloween again?

Anners said...

M asked that too (was Kelly Jesus for Christmas).

You are one hot mama with an afro - you should sport that sometime.

Your "real" pics make me miss you.

Anonymous said...

That's so cutem, you must love her alot.