Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, Anonymous.... This is what I know: you work at Parkside. You have gone to dinner and lunch with me. You have checked children for head lice. You are not married. You do have children. You are a woman.

Have you recently, in the last year, lost at least three dress sizes from off your body? Are you crazy? Do you have one of the best ring-tone laughs ever? Do you ever have a clean desk now that I am gone? Have we laughed together, cried together, screamed together and loved all of our girl friends together (not in a bad way)? Am I getting close?

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Cherran said...

yes, yes and yes!! You finally figured it out. It was fun to play the guessing game with you. So when are you coming to visit? I miss you. I don't know any one as crazy at you are. Love you!!!