Friday, October 24, 2008

Bran & Dara

This is Brannon. We are waiting for his teachers to come back from lunch during Parent Teacher Conferences. They are had really great things to say about him; respectful, kind, funny, smart. He just needs to use his brain, work harder and get better grades. He is a wonderful kid. We love him.

Ummm...I have no response for this.

Or this. Dara looks so freaky with dark Michael Jackson hair.

This is the wild side of Bran.


Anners said...

I miss your kids. They have already changed so much these last few months. Tell them to "knock" it off.

p.s. tell Dara she looks Asian in her curly wig - which is weird because I don't think Asian people have naturally curly hair. She's too cute!

p.s. I used to love Erasure, The Eurythmics and Echo and the Bunny Man oh and Billy Idol yahhhhhh!

Matilda said...

Bran look exactly like ..