Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What is wrong with people???!!! When I go into the Vet's office over 2 months ago they tell me just to bring in the stray cat when I can catch her. So I catch her and take her in. No, I have to set up an appointment to have her fixed and it has to be with a specific doctor who does the fixing of cats who have had litters. It is a more complicated surgery. And I can borrow a trap to catch the kittens, but not yet. Closer to when the cat's surgery is. I am so angry that Genie, who lived in this house previous to us, did not get this cat fixed before she moved. And I very angry with the Apartment Dwelling Tuna Feeders who now have a bowl with food in it and a bag of sand for a litter box for the kittens and Muffins. Sure, go ahead and feed the cute little things, but they grow up and have more babies, stoooopid. (Screaming from me.) After we get Muffins fixed, I am sending a bill to Genie. She left the cat here and told us she would come back for her and get her fixed. (I am typing really hard). AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! So the weekend before the 22nd of September, I get to TRY to catch Muffins and put her in the garage for a couple of days (with food and water) and then on Monday, take her to get an exam and then on Wednesday she will get fixed. AAAAHHHH!!! Really don't need this kind of stooopidity in my life. I am already stoopid enough as it is.

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