Tuesday, September 2, 2008


To Annie: I will have to try the Red Currant Reed Diffusers from Target. Your house always smells so nice.

To Vickie: Bran's voice can go that low and he also has the talent of screaming like a girl when scared. Yesterday there was a wasp inbetween our deck door and screen and when I opened the door Brannon screamed like a girl because a fly had flown into the house. He gets teased alot around here.

The kids are off to school. This morning Bran was up on time and he just chatted and chatted and chatted and chatted and then ran around like a madman to get ready on time. Dara was up and ready to go 25 minutes early. I made her put her socks away that I had paired up. Then she was smiling and off to school.

Dara kept asking me what I was going to do today. I think I will exercise, eat breakfast, read the paper, and then....

I told her I was going to watch Cartoon Network all day and eat junk food.

Yesterday we had the missionaries over for dinner and also a family from our Church, Cord and Holly Schrader and their 5 little blond girls and their 1 little son. It was fun to have them over. It was so quiet when they left. They are a very nice family, becoming good friends to us.


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Anners said...

Have a wonderful day with the house to yourself. Go Cartoon Network. If you had a Training Table I'd suggest cheese fries.

p.s. To Dara and Brannon: I hope your first day of school was great!