Sunday, June 15, 2008

Leaving Utah

We left Utah after two day of three other people, who I had never met, had packed up ALL of our stuff. We sold the house that I, Lisa, thought I would live in for the rest of my life. Winifred Kilby had raised 5 children in an 800 square foot house and was in her late 80's or early 90's when she moved into a rest home. I figured I would be another Winifred. We left Murray, Utah on Sat., May 17th and drove and drove and drove until we arrived in Chaska, Minnesota on Tues., May 20. We traveled with two adults, two kids and two very unhappy cats, Big Tizzie and Little BeBe. These are some things we heard on our trip: "How much longer?" "Meoow Meeeooow Meeeooooooooow." "Stop touching me!" "Meeeoooow" "Where are we now?" "MEEEEOOOOOW!!!!"

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