Thursday, March 12, 2015

Church notes

Sometimes there are not any good answers.

Notes I took from 3/8/14 RS/Primary meeting:

Start anew.

Work harder at Visiting Teaching.

Don't get caught in circular thinking.  Ride out the hard times.

Tell Heavenly Father what I want and how I want to serve.

Everyone has issues.  We need to share our vulnerability.

Service enriches lives.

Have a desire to serve.

Slow down and look around.  There is a time and place for service.

Sometimes we can only offer a smile.

Write down values and assess each year..."I will try to live my life...."

Minister to one another.

Focus on Service.  The Gospel requires us to step up and do for others.  Our burdens will be lightened.

3/29/14  - General Women's Conference

Our pathway is well-lit by the Light of Christ.

What are my joys?  Have joy amidst the trials.

We are different and unique and are all daughters of God.

Be one.  Be sisters.  Don't compare myself to someone else.  Don't call yourself Christian if you are going to judge others.

"Oh, how we need each other.  Women need women..."  Marjorie Hinckley

Love each other more and love each other better.

Lay aside things of the world.  Look to Jesus and do for others.

We cannot do difficult things without the help of Christ.  Be a disciple of Christ.

Stand Together!  Step forward in righteousness.

Be faithful.  Forgive and be forgiven

Heavenly Father sees more potential in us than anyone.  Treat everyone as a Child of God.

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