Thursday, June 4, 2015

Trying to Figure Out Life

Two more months of being an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow.  It has come to end to soon.  Four years of serving more than 40 hours per week, earning less than $5.00 per hour, and becoming addicted to helping middle school students and teachers.  It has been a bumpy, hard, wonderful four years.

And now I must decide what to do next.  My thought was that I would be valued and, in my perfect world, be given a job that let me work with the students like I have been, in the classrooms.  However, my bubble was burst.  Sucks to be you. Choose from these other positions that don't have you working with students and assignments or you can watch them in a pool for 6 hours.  Good ways to build relationships with young people.  Oh, and here is a hot poker to your beautiful balloon of what you think you want.  Crap.  It is just crap and I hate feeling this way.  It sucks to be me.

I have had teachers and parents tell me that any of those positions are a waste of my talents.  I tell them "Thank you" and put those comments in my heart.  And still don't know what to do.

Ideas for my future:

Underwater basket weaving.
Lawn art.
Wasp killer.

I hate pity parties and my soul is having one right now.


Jewels said...

I think you would make a great traveling violinist or a children's party clown. Really you can't go wrong with any thing you choose. But, really, I hope something comes available to you that you will really really enjoy.

We in Minnesota said...

You are great. Thanks.