Friday, March 13, 2009


Brannon is on medication morning and night. His brain is taking a dodgy while to get back to "normal." There are some things he still can't remember; some things he learned at school on Monday and Tuesday. Before he starts to drive when he is 16, we will again check with the doctor. But being on the medication and not having seizures should not stop him from driving.

The brain is an amazing, beautiful, ugly thing. A contradiction of terms. A grey mass of weirdness.

Brannon AND Kelly both got nice guitars. Amazing what you can find on Craig's List. Brannon got an electric and kelly got one. Dara has the one Brannon was using. So they all sit around and learn chords. At least it is not the violin with the squeeky, off-key sounds or something even more the accordion (which I played).

This is Brannon at his guitar class recital. The video is not the best...sorry.


Matilda said...


Great Job BRAN! Tell him I said that!

YAY for meds that are working!!

Yes, the brain is a mysterious yucky thing. We have sure learned that at our house!

Anners said...

He is such a cool kid & we miss him! Here's to continued success with his medication. Take care and know we love you.

The McFall's said...

Dang! Brannon isn't so little anymore. He has got some talent! When he is famous will you give us free tickets?

moo! said...

Brannon that was AWESOME! I didn't know you played the guitar. Miss you!


Jewels said...

That sounds SUPER TERRIFIC! You guys can be the new Von Trapp family, only with guitars instead of singing, unless you guys can sing too. THAT would be awesome.

Hilary said...

Okay, this is a blurry video, but I am that can't be the cute little boy I babysat so many years ago. I'm sure it was only a couple years ago he was just two.