Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you all for your comments and love. I am tearing up now as I read them and post this.

And Jenny Simmons...I think that what you have had to go through with Jack is a lot worse than a seizure. Everything...not knowing what he was going to be like when he was born, how long you were going to have him, surgeries, therapy...you have grown stronger for it.

We all have our own trials, big and small, and wouldn't trade them for anyone else's trials.

Again, thank you, hugs and love.


Erika said...

You, my dear, are simply amazing. I admire your strength and faith and courage through your trials. Love you!

Matilda said...

Lisa Amott...

While I agree... most of what Jack has gone through, HE has gone through with strength, and not much uncomfortablness- if that is a word- Seizures are so gross and unpredictable, and make you feel helpless. Hmmm, sounds kind of like when I was preganat doesn't it! ;)

It reminds me of when Bishop Goebel was in the accident. You may remember this...It was about 3 months after and Andrea got up in RS and said, that nothing bad had ever happened to their family. The whole room made the sound of...EXCUSE ME?? She said, Oh that, ya, but nothing else! It taught me a great lesson that day. That when you are going through your trials it's hard, but looking back, it was not as bad you thought! But now having gone through it, I realize it's a defence mechanism, and I quite like it!