Friday, March 13, 2009

Just another beautiful, cold, sunny day in Minnesota.

This is the view from our deck. Snow! Everywhere is the snow!!!

This is Kelly making homemade pizzas at our friend's, Bruce and Mary Kay Braun, house. All that soda on the counter they call "pop."

Beautiful dough!

This is Katie Braun, their daughter-in-law, trying to hide from me.

Mary Kay, Katie and Nolan Braun.

I love the mystery pictures that show up on the camera. This is Dara eating a very triangular sandwich.

Another mystery picture.

I looked out the window and what did I see? Green stuff in my garden!!!!

And green stuff in a pot...that I brought from Murray, Utah.

Ornamental onions that came with our garden.

Here is a dreary, yucky, foggy day before the snow came. Beautiful, but kind of a downer.

More of the beautiful downer. That should be a song "Beautiful Downer."

But then the snows came and the sun came out and it was cold, BUT SUNNY!!!!

Steve the Squirrel is still very busy. Actually, all three Steves are loving that Kelly puts out these big seed squares for them.

This fat...ter cat is Muffins. She has gained a bit of weight and seems to be happy living inside. I wonder what she will be like when Spring comes? The picture below is what her kitten looks like that has not been caught by the neighbor lady. I am not being mean...the cat really looks (or is) cross-eyed.

The seed block and the birds.

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