Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spewing hate

I voted for politicians who won and lost.  I am a Mormon who did not vote for Mitt Romney.  I voted "No" on the Voter ID and I voted "No" on MN Marriage Amendment.  And I feel good about those votes. 

I work at a middle school.  Today I heard "Obama Sucks!" from a couple of students.  Parents:  If you can't tell your kids why you think one candidate is better than another, tell them to look up their questions on line or in a newspaper.  Don't just teach them to call names. 

I have been on Facebook and seen the hate spewed by people whose candidate did not get voted in.  And when they are called on it, they feel they are being picked on and hated. 

I feel the reason this country is in trouble is because of the hate.  What happened to working together to create a safe place for everyone.  What happened to caring about the health, safety and education of children?  Adults need to stop the bullying behavior.  Then maybe the kids will.

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Jewels said...

I haven't said "Obama Sucks" in our home or in regular conversation, but my kids hear it a lot at school and also crazy things being said about Mitt Romney as well. So I think I can blame what kids say not only on what they hear at home but what is also heard around the schools. I have my own personal reasons why I think Obama Sucks, but I'm glad I haven't been on Facebook to see all of the hating going on. I think if people realize that there is never going to be a perfect presidential candidate and there is never going to be a perfect president, then maybe, just maybe some of the bullying will stop. And now, I step off my soap box. Thank you.