Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things to do

Have a favorite charity

Do charity

Be the first to apologize

Pour yourself a cup full of Karma

Get your hands dirty

Donate blood - You have plenty

Only look back if it makes you smile

Marshmallows have no nutritional value and that is okay

Save every sip and bite

Be the ruler of your own life

Plant lots of trees

Indulge in chocolate therapy

Lighten up

   I don't remember where I got this list, but it is worth sharing.

I had a yelling moment with my son.  He and were arguing stupidly about about the first summer we were in MN.  My son's girlfriend was in the car.  She was already mopy (gloomy) about other things and she told me to "shut up."  She does not like yelling.  After the shock wore off and we were in our driveway, I said, "So I can't have a bitchy moment, but I have to put up your (Brannon) bitchy moments and Mariah's  bitchy moments?"

Bad move, mom.  I called her phone later and left an apology on her voice mail.  She told Brannon that she did not think I meant my apology and that we are a crazy family.  Well, DUH!

The next day, Mariah and her mom had a screaming match in front of Brannon.  Hmmmm....It has been kind of nice not to see her mopy face every day at my house or at school.

I am actually sorry that I yelled at Brannon and at her.  And my apology was real.  I don't think I will make a good mother-in-law if my son or daughter marries a crazy person.

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