Sunday, July 29, 2012

Should I be offended?

Family at church with different parenting style from ours.
Weird teenage boy wants to hang out with my son but parents tell him that my son is a bad influence.
Should I be offended?
I just keep laughing about it.
What is wrong with me?


Jewels said...

I would consider that a good thing. Hanging out with a "weird" kid is way worse than hanging out with "bad influence". Dodged a bullet there, good one Lisa.

Cherran said...

There was a family in my ward who told their son he couldn't hang out with my son. My son is married in the temple and is currently the elders quorum president and very active. He has a great job and he has his own home. Their son is currently not active and doesn't have a job. So you may get the last laugh!!!