Friday, March 16, 2012

What I do at work...

See if you can pick me out of the crowd of lovely people.  This was Middle School Day at Clearwater Middle School in Waconia, MN.  The Wishy Washy Team of teachers competed against the middle schoolers in wacky games.  Only a few of the kids, that I work with, figured out who I was.  My name was Creepy Constance Cornwallup.

I enjoy my job.  Sometimes I want to slap the students on the back of the head and sometimes I want to slap the parents.  I do work with some amazing and funny kids.  The teachers are incredible.

One of my friends from church is dying of leukemia.  It is so sad.  Her youngest son is in 5th grade.  She is such a strong, beautiful woman.

William, our exchange student, only has 3 months left.  It will be weird when he is gone to Brasil.  Dara will miss him the most.  She has bonded with him.  Kelly will miss him also because he can speak Portugese with him.  It has been an interesting endeavor.  But most of my endeavors are interesting...moving to MN, housing missionaries, working at the middle school, volunteering, marriage, parenting.
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