Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remember....the oxen are slow, but the Earth is patient.

I am trying to be patient with students who don't bring their homework back to school, who do everything really slowly (walking, writing, thinking), who never do any homework, who get mad at me when I don't tell them exactly what the instructions are (they can read the same instructions I am reading to them), who hate everything about everything, who won't eat their free lunch because they don't like the food at the school, who calls teachers and kids names, who yell at me because someone called them their given name and not their nickname, who can't stay on task and go on mind vacations every two minutes.  And then there are the wonderful students who are kind, say thank you, try hard, ask questions. So I guess with the good comes the bad.  No, not bad.  Just hard kids with hard lives.  I wish I could fix them.  I wish I could fix some of their families.  I know I can't.

I do enjoy my job.

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