Sunday, November 27, 2011


Minnesota is in a drought.  No rain for FOREVER.  We did have one snow storm.  It was almost like Utah.  The snow came and then the sun came out and POOF! the snow was gone.  Thanksgiving Day was in the 50s.

At our house we had 19 people over, including my little family of 5.  Kelly cooked a wonderful meal.  Others brought amazing side dishes.  Good food, good people, laughter, games, a puzzle...what more could you ask for.  Well, except maybe having more family around.

I am enjoying working at the middle school.  It is all about the kids.  There are some amazing kids out there.  Some that are struggling with understanding math or language arts.  Others who are struggling with home life as well as school.    There is one boy, a fifth grader, who comes to the Homework Hub after school just to get stuff done.  Whenever he sees me in the hall, he says, "Hello Miss Lisa.  How are you today?"  It just makes my heart happy.

I got to share some Mormon history in US History class.  The teacher had a time-line on the board that started with "Joseph Smith sees Angel Moroni."  The kids were also reading information and it talked about the Golden Plates.  I shared some corrections like:  Joseph Smith seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and why he saw the Angel Moroni.  Only in a non-Utah school could I talk about this.  I did it in a very scholastic way.  Not preachy.  Just history.

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