Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting and staining and tearing out grass and moving flowers.  Oh, what beautiful days it is in Minnesota.  80 degree weather and sunshine.  Makes me want to sing, "Scatter sunshine all along the way....cheer and bless and brighten...every passing day!"

We have a foreign exchange student living with us this school year.  His name is William and he is from Brasil.  It has been fun getting to know him and he is funny and kind.  Dara got to pick him from the list of students sent to us and she picked him because of his good grades.

Dara is now in Young Womens.  She loves it.  Being in Primary this last year has been long.  She is a great kid.  Love her.

Brannon is 16.  Love him.  Sometimes he does stoopid things.  I need to call my mom and apologize to her for everything I did when I was 16.

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