Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girls Camp 2011 Lots of pictures

 My shoes at camp.  I was actually trying to figure out how to use my new camera.
 Dara, Ellen, Shay and Lizzie from Waconia Ward eating in the lodge.

 An extremely rainy flag ceremony.

 We were getting ready to go to the bog.
 My bog boots.  I did not take my camera to the bog in case I fell down...or in the mud.  The bog was amazing.  If someone jumped up and down a few feet away from you, your body moved up and down because everything in the bog is interconnected.
 Kailia, Ellen, Shay, Lizzie and Dara.

 I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

 Greenery everywhere
 Dara and me.

The beautiful lake at Laurentian Environmental Center.

The Climbing Wall.  This is the 2nd Year Girls that I cabined with.

Our bishop came up Friday afternoon to spend time with the girls.
Dara, Shay, Aaron Pratt, Lizzie, Ellen, Kailia.

The girls talked Aaron (Bishop) into going on a boat ride.  They told him they knew how to row.  Yeah, right.

The start of going in circles.
One of the other bishops leaping in to help.
Finally, Aaron decides that if he is going to go anywhere on the lake, he had better take charge of the oars.
Off they go!!

After the boat ride.  They survived!!!

Me, Hollie Schrader, Aaron Pratt, Shay, Lizzie and Ellen just relaxing.

The sun is so refreshing after all that rain.
How come Ellen looks so nice and clean?  Oh, that's right.  We had cabins and showers.
I think this is an episode of some dance reality show.
This is Aaron Pratt trying to eat a cookie.  This is how they do it in MN.  This is why we are so healthy.  It takes forever to eat just one cookie.

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