Thursday, July 14, 2011

Other People's Children

We hosted a Homemade Ice Cream and Fireworks party on July 4th.  I made 6 kinds of ice cream and the fireworks were shot off the island across from our street.  Beautiful.

My complaint is other people's children.  My daughter found four children from the same family in MY bedroom.  What were they doing in MY bedroom?  Everyone was outside.  Why did they think they could go into someone else's house and play in their bedrooms?  Especially MY bedroom!?  These are the same children who last year when Dara told them to go outside said, "You are the boss of me" and "You don't own this house."  Well, Dara is the boss of them if they are in MY house.  Rude.  I like their parents, but I really don't like their children. 

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