Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls Camp

In Utah, this is what Young Women's Girls Camp might look like:

Fish Lake Utah

or this:

In Minnesota, this is what Girls Camp looks like:

The Laurentian Environmental Center is an accredited, year-round educational facility located in the Superior National Forest in Northeastern Minnesota.
The Center is a residential learning center with 160 beds, five large classroom buildings, a lodge and dining facility that seats 175 – serving healthy, home-cooked meals from menus developed by a dietician – 100 acre pristine lake, access to hundreds of acres of wilderness with trout streams and diverse wildlife habitat. Our hiking and ski trails connect with the Big Aspen hiking and ski trails – comprising a thirty-mile system. The Center maintains a 12-station Challenge Course, a 32-foot outdoor climbing wall, dogsled yard and trails, archery range, assorted watercraft (including canoes and rowboats) sauna, outdoor campfire theater, and large playing field.

Dara and I go to Girls Camp next week.  I think that Camp should be 4 days of no showering and latrines that stink so bad that you don't go to the bathroom the entire time you are at camp.  Discomfort bring spiritual moments.

Apparently I will be be with the third year girls.  I am not sure how I am feeling about being with a bunch of Justin Bieber Feverish girls.  

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De España said...

You forgot the picture of girls camp in Utah with the tents covered in snow and falling down because the muddy ground won't hold the stakes in. Some girls camps are probably going to be like that this year here. Oh, and I don't think it's healthy to deny your inner-Justin-Bieber-love...