Monday, April 18, 2011


Tailgating is the practice of driving on a road too close to the vehicle in front, at a distance which does not guarantee that stopping to avoid collision is possible. Approximately one third of rear-end collisions involve tailgating.  Tailgating can occur because of a lack of perceived risk in so doing. Thus, it is done unconsciously or negligently, very often by people who consider themselves safe drivers and generally obey the other rules of the road.  (Wikipedia)

To the Minnesota Tailgaters:  STOP IT!!!  If I look in my rear view mirror and it looks like you are sitting in MY backseat, you are too close.  If I can smell your breath, you are too close.  If I can see how many gray hairs you have, you are too close.   If I can see the boogies in your nose, you are too close.  I am driving the speed limit (and actually going 5 mph over the speed limit) so stop trying to make me go faster by "pushing me along."

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Erin said...

Tanja told me about your episode last week.........roadrage intervention?