Friday, December 31, 2010

I want...

Blaaaach Agggfggaufdiahjfdksajfklafdhaskfdkjalkdssf!!!!

Happy New Year. 
I just got used to writing 2010. 
I am ready for spring. 
I want to be debt free. 
I want my brother-in-law to find a job that he likes. 
I want getting on airplanes to be easier than being fondled or x-rayed.
I want the cleaning fairy to come to my house every day.
I want laundry to learn to clean itself, fold itself and put itself away.
I want to be a bit taller.
I want to continue to not care about Lindsey Lohan or anybody named Kardashian.
I want to be less snarky.
I want my children to grow up happy.
I want my children to know they are smart and to not care about what anyone (who doesn't matter) thinks of them.
I want my husband to know that he is the best for me.
I want my friends to find moments of happiness and peace every day.
I want to find moments of happiness and peace every day.
I want to knit more.
I want to finish my knitted projects and I want them to fit.
I want to continue to weigh between 135 and 137 pounds (or less) for...forever.
I want to weigh this or less without major exercise or dieting.
I want health insurance to cost less.
I want people to get along.
I want to continue to like my children and my husband.  I will always love them.  Liking them is harder.
I want my children and husband to like me.
I want people who hurt children to be squished like a blueberry and to be put in tiny little test tubes and then thrown out to sea.
I want to understand some things more, other things less and most things just right.
I want my husband to be appreciated at work.
I want pro sport players, CEOs, CFOs, and anyone making too much money for their own good to be put in a middle income bracket for 20 years to see if they can live within "normal" means. 
I want teachers to get paid what pro sports players get paid.
I want mean people who say mean things to be put in mean jail.
I want 2011 to be happy, peaceful, wonderful, powerful, strengthening, knowledgeable, and freeing.


Jewels said...

Very Good List. Spencer says "thank you" for putting him in at number 3.

Tim and Kathryn said...

I love this list!!! Maybe we will get to see each other this year! That would be nice! Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

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Gnigl4 said...

You sure want a lot.....geeze ;-)