Sunday, August 22, 2010

Relay for Life Because we care....because we love...because we believe.

The idea was hatched. The committees made. Meetings held. A Relay for Life planned for over 10 months. August 20-21 it happened. It was beautiful, amazing and fun.

Jenn Bostic, a beautiful young woman from Waconia who is making a name for herself in Nashville, sang. The two most beautiful songs she sang were "I Believe In You" and "Jealous of the Angels." Very touching. She sang this during the Luminaria Ceremony when the pictures were shown of people who have cancer, survived cancer and passed away from cancer. It fit perfectly.

A young 7 year old from Texas sang and was also amazing. Her name is Rhema Marvanne. Cute little thing with a voice that is amazing.

We had over 60 teams. Over 600 participants. More people signed up that night. People came over just for the party. We had bands playing, food served, and people walking all night. The Luminaria Ceremony was so touching and heartfelt. The luminaria bags were so beautiful lit around the path.

Seeing the survivors and the caregivers made my heart fill. I think we are all caregivers and this Relay for Life was our way of least for 12 hours.

My Waconia Area Women of Today are some of the best people I know. Smart, beautiful, talented, driven and funny.

Because we care....because we love...because we believe.

Thank you Waconia for coming out and sharing in this event. I hope more people volunteer next year and more people come to Relay and find out why there are Relays for Life. It is a beautiful thing.

I could not even move yesterday morning at 10:00. I slept most of the day. Tired, no, exhausted, aching, but so happy. We raised over $107,000.00!!! Our first Relay and we did this amount?!!!! What a community!

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aprilinsalt said...

Nice work Lisa,and Waconia!