Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More short thoughts

High school is wasted on the young.

High schoolers think alot about sex.

Some high school girls have too much cleavage showing.

The F word is used in everyday conversation and seems to not really be used as a swear word anymore. I still think the F word is offensive.

High schoolers are too young to be having sex.

Why is drawing a penis on someone else's notebook a funny thing? A penis is not a work of art when drawn in jest. Anyway...

Some high schoolers are very nice and will chat with an old 42 year old sub.

High school has not really changed in 25 years...some bad hair, some bad skin, some bad attitudes, some nice people, some good teachers, some bullies, some kids who just want to fade into the wall and not be seen, the beautiful people, the people who think they are beautiful and popular but who are just really annoying, etc.

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Erin said...

I have never understood the drawing of a penis on something.