Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wonderful Women

I have two groups of wonderful women in my life. One is my church group. The other is my Women of Today group. Amazing moms, friends and caregivers who are funny, spiritual and surviving moment by moment through love, prayer and friendship. We are all volunteering our way through life.

I have heard that my sister's husband is not talking to my parents because when my parents were here to visit, Kelly made the most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. My Brother-In-Law is really jealous. I think it was truly the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had in my life. The turkey was so tender, the cranberries made fresh, rolls, mashed potatoes that had the perfect amount of creamy and lumpy together. MMMMMMM. So good.

Sometimes I am stoopid. But I try to apologize when I am stoopid. I think I am losing my mind and memory and it is all because of peri-menopause.

This is what peri-menopause feels like sometimes:

Then sometimes it is like this:

So much fun. Hot then cold, Night Sweats, Cold Feet, Everyone else is fine, I am wanting to run screaming from a room because it is so hot, Angry for no reason except that I want to squish your head like a grape. Then I am fine. But it starts all over again.

I just have to share: I have a friend from Church whose husband works for the Vikings. They had Brett Favre and his wife over for dinner last night. Such a strange thing to post.

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Valerie said...

I don't know why you're trying to get everyone on that Peri-menopausal train of yours. Not happening. I told you I'm too young. BTW, that Brett Farve thing...didn't happen.