Friday, September 25, 2009

It is finally raining in Minnesota.

The Steves have been very busy collecting walnuts. If one of them get a nut, the other Steve chases him around and around and around the tree.

I keep cleaning and come it never stays cleaned and organized? I think there are Messy Fairies that come in the night.

I love garage sale-ing. It is fun to see what ugly things people are selling. I bought the ugliest doll yesterday for a friend of my who is having back issues. This doll had a couple of strands of long hair and the rest was either pulled out or shaved. Her top was lacy. She wore pearls. She had NO pants or skirt or underwear on. The note I gave my friend said, "No matter how awful you feel, you will never look this bad." I paid 50 cents for this ugly this creature. Sad.

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Valerie said...

Did you get that for K?